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The idea behind Lemon Aid was to hold a concert to raise money for the Tsunami Appeal whilst providing a good gig for Dunfermline High School pupils to enjoy. We held the event on Friday the 18th in the main hall of the school. Unfortunately Maximum Headroom had to drop out of the concert, but No Publicity and Hi-Resolution still performed with extended sets (and a fair bit of arsing about).

The concert was a great success, and after a recount of the profits we dicovered that the total raised was 315! Lemon Aid began with a solo performance (though an interpretation may be a better phrase) of the classic King of the Hill theme tune form the NP guitarist, looking the part in a wolf costume. After chasing Little Red Riding Hood around the stage area, he emerged with the rest of the band to kick off with 'We're Gonna Party'. Hi-Resolution were the second and final act for the night, storming through an amazing set encompassing a wide range of tunes from the Undertones to the Strokes. For the big finale the two bands came together onstage for a confused (yet highly entertaining) rendition of the Proclaimer's '500 Miles'. An extra 10 was made by auctioning a lemon signed by No Publicity and an estranged fan's inflatable bananna to the audience. Be sure to check out the pictures section for a taste of what the night was like.

A big thankyou goes out to everybody who turned up, all of the staff who gave up their Friday night, and all of the band members and their parents for their effort and support. If you were a teacher involved in the concert expect a cream egg to be delivered to your room shortly!

We look forward to seeing you all in the future for Lemon Aid 2!

All this jazz Copyright © 2005 the Lemon Aid team.
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